Fantastic Four: yeah, it liked the shit outta it.

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I gotta admit, i don’t get the hate.

i mean, its not a giant of the comic book movie genre but its way, way better than say Green Lantern which was just a hot mess.


Its easily on a par with Ant-Man, which was entertaining but kinda uneven, never really knowing what kind of movie it wanted to be..

Frankly, i’d be quite happy to put it up against any of the non-Avengers, non-GotG movies.


I mean, its not got a snappy script or a standout hollywood cast but in terms of entertainment, I was damn well satisfied. I certainly didn’t find it joyless. Dark as fuck, yes. But it totally had its own charm.

Personally, I think the movie industry has just been dying to grind a superhero movie under its heel and the Marvel-machine has proven itself too tough a pedigree to simply smite so they’ll settle for pounding the shit out this new contender.


I think this was a rock solid movie and i’m kinda gutted that its reception means another fucking reboot a few years down the line. This movie and its cast deserved more.

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